About Our Company

Group 5 Manpower Management Services

The Group 5 Manpower Management Services is one of the leading Manpower Outsourcing Company in India. It is part of the Group 5 Security & Systems Pvt. Ltd. since 1998. We have 20+ years of rich experience in this field of providing high quality manpower management services by focusing primarily on hundreds of our clients’ requirements.

Today, this ethos enables us to respond to our clients’ needs in a timely and focused manner. Our services are designed to suit each specific requirement and budget in order to deliver the optimum care and attention that every task requires. Quality Assurance accreditation ensures that our services are independently assessed and remain true to prescribed systems.

Group 5 Manpower Management Services’ successful expansion across India & our extensive client base are a testimony to our exclusive methods of operation and our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Our company has proven, without a doubt, to be most dedicated and professionally run organization.

We owe this distinction largely to an adherence to our core principles and values and our belief in a corporate vision that strongly advocates quality of service. This vision encompasses a pursuit of excellence, a respected reputation, experience and expertise.

  • 71,418 Jobs Added
  • 23,022 Active Resumes
  • 82,361 Positions Matched

Our Vision

Our vision is to partner with our clients in creating and delivering the highest quality and the most innovative workforce solutions and services that enable them to keep abreast with changing business needs.
We envision being recognized as the best in providing manpower solutions.

Our Mission

We are tasked to provide the finest employees to our clients and to uphold a quality standard on manpower handling and servicing clients, centering on integrity, social responsibility, and excellent customer service, and taking utmost consideration of both our manpower and our esteemed clients.